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Automated Awnings by Somfy

Now it’s fun to control your designer retractable awning for the sun with designer high-fashion fabrics, colors, and styles with Somfy push-button shade control and a Somfy motor. Somfy automation system will provide sun and wind control for your patio awning.

Somfy automated awnings combine beauty with functionality. Somfy automation systems allow you to control light and shade at the touch of a button. Cool any deck, patio, terrace or balcony on demand with Somfy motorised awning motor controls.
With a Somfy motorized awning you’ll expand your outdoor living space and add value to your home without the problems and high cost of construction.
Plus, your furniture and carpeting will be protected from fading on the inside. And because Somfy automation systems makes your retractable awnings so easy to use, you’ll use your awning more often, lowering indoor temperatures by as much as 15 degrees and reducing sunlight and glare by as much as 94%. Somfy Motors provide control of your motorized awning at the push of a button. Home Automation for your awning was never easier.
Telis 1 Patio

What’s more, Somfy's unique product doesn’t require unsightly poles that will obstruct your view. When sun shading is not required, your Somfy automated awnings can retract against the façade of your home, so it’s out of the way when you want it to be, allowing light to enter the room as you choose on a cloudy day, or at dusk. Somfy Automation Systems patio awning products, provide environmental protection for your family, friends and your home.

The Somfy Automated Awnings bring your Awnings at finger-tip control.

Somfy Advice
Types of Awnings
The three main types of awnings can be motorized.
Traditional window awnings: when retracted, these awnings are protected simply by a fabric canopy.
Cassette awnings: the canvas is perfectly protected inside a small cassette.
Retractable awnings

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SOMFY creates the intelligent movements, which will simplify your life: make the best use of light, prevent heat gain in your house and protect your interiors and furniture - making your house 'A Smart Home'.
All movements of your shades are within your reach. Motors are hidden within the system box of your solar protection, ensuring that every single movement will be smooth and silent. With SOMFY, you can be assured of reliability.